How to Connect a Record Player to Speakers?

built-in players

Connecting a set of active speakers or record player to an amplifier seems to be a risk-less job. But many people, at last, realize either they bought valuable speakers or audio cables.

If you want to connect a record player to speaker, they have to be active speakers. Make sure whether they have inbuilt amplifiers. The passive speakers are connected with the external amplifier or record players.

Active speakers are easily identified because they are fitted with volume control; the same features are applicable in Bluetooth speakers. There are a lot of audiophile gear reviews, that can help you to understand all the difference.

Whether I need a Phono preamplifier

To get a Vinyl record sounding, you have to fit the record players with a special Phono pre-amplification. Some turntables come with a built-in method, if your record player doesn’t have a phono preamp then you have to purchase an external one.

Most record players are equipped with phono preamp. The connections are made from phone signals and it covers the signals into a line signal. The record player also holds red and white RCA cables and voila sounds.

phono preamplifier

Record the players without built-in players

Most of the record players have a phono preamp or sometimes it does not exist in turntables. Because the older model record players don’t offer pre-amplification. This type of player is connected with an external phono preamp. In this case the phone signals are converted into line signals.

The external phono amp comes in different shapes and sizes. you can also visit our website for a variable collection

There are different kinds of cables available such as RCA, jack, and XLR. RCA cables sync record player with speaker. If you have a minimal jack on your amplifier or speaker then go for mini-jack cables. In some cases, the record player is connected with speakers in an XLR form.

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