Is It Dangerous For Kids to Use Headphones?

Children are using headphones regularly for online classes, listening to their favourites music and video chatting with their friends. Parents should be careful in monitoring the volume and duration of headphone usage. Hearing sounds too loudly or listening for a long time causes permanent damage to the hearing. Continuously use headphones can damage hearing. But they are several ways to prevent this situation

Children hearing loss may be increasing

Hearing should be protected throughout our life since damage to hearing can’t be recovered. These days hearing loss has been increasing in children because of using headphones. Around 13% of children have been progressing through the hearing loss. In adults hearing problems are identified by struggling to hear higher pitch sounds. Kiddos feel the hearing loss through blockage of ears or recognizing ringing or buzzing sounds in their ears. But children weren’t able to identify these symptoms. But parents should notice the children’s activities if kiddo feels they couldn’t and get your child for a hearing test.

protect kids hearing

Excessive noise damage hearing

The inner ear is allocated with tiny hairs, it controls the sound signals. These signals are converted into electrical signals for our brains. When you hear larger sounds from headphones continuously, the hair in the inner ear faces serious damage; it can lead to permanent hearing loss. These scenarios prove the danger of using headphones for kids and it ensures to maintain a minimum volume of sound.

How to protect kids hearing

Hearing damage depends on the duration and loudness of sound exposure. A parent aces more difficult tasks for monitoring the loudness within their children’s headphones. Some headphones leak the sounds out of the ear while others insist on the sounds into the ear. The leaky headphones with normal volume protect the kid’s hearing effect. Recognize your kid’s headphone volume, by hearing the sounds along with them. There are multiple headphones designed according to the children’s usage.

headphone duration

The features of those headphones are volume limit is usually up to 85 dB. While listening to the 85 dB loudness doesn’t affect your kid’s ears. Noise-cancelling options are induced in another type of headphones.

Mange the headphone duration

Parents should also monitor how long their children are exposed to sounds. only 85db of sounds the kids should consume every day. Otherwise, it leads to serious heart damage. Parents should allocate the time for children for using headphones. This practice can protect your kids from sound exposures.


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