How Many Mics Do You Need For a Podcast?

mic for podcast

Podcasts require essential equipment such as a computer and a microphone. If you’re recording with multiple people then you can avoid using USB microphones. It means you need to have a mixer or audio interface to relate with multiple XLR microphones.

There are low budget options available for beginners likewise chosen are outsourced for professional and pro levels. The necessary equipment for podcasts also includes headphones, computer, and internet access, recording and mixing software.

Higher-end microphone

Higher-end microphones give more control while recording some mic offers both XLR and USB connections. The first start with a USB connection then shifts the audio or mixer interface with the XLR microphones. There are two types of microphones available in town. Dynamic microphones are better in usage if you’re in a soundproof studio.

Dynamic microphones are less expensive than condenser microphones. Condenser mic for a podcast is more sensitive and expensive with a greater dynamic range. It also poses with sound pickup pattern either it can be bidirectional, omnidirectional, and cardioid. These patterns refer to the sound pick up positions.

Headphones for podcasting

Headphones monitor the sounds from the podcast. Use higher-end headphones, because soft-shell earphones are mainly used in outside forms. It doesn’t suppress the sound, rather higher-end headphones are made of rubber or plastic so that it traps the sound. Don’t need to spend a lot of time purchasing the headphones. But while recording the audio mixing sounds use a pair of headphones it provides noise-free audio.


Recording and mixing software

The podcast features your voice, free software tools, or available for recording and editing purposes. Recording audio takes a minimum time but the mixing up is a bit complex process. you can mix up your audio as per your wish, start up your podcast with free package software.

Computers are needed in podcasting

Any kind of computer is fast enough to handle the recordings in podcasting. Use your current computer for recording purposes, there is no need to buy a new one. If you feel your computer is not having available facilities for recording then you can purchase newer ones with more memory and a faster processor.

Optional accessories

Choose a perfect pop-filter, especially if you have an inexpensive microphone. The filter makes the recordings more effective. If you’re trying to do a lot of podcasting programs then have a quality microphone. Which you feel comfortable with.

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